Eastbourne seafront Hi, I’m Jamie! As you can probably already tell, I’m a traveler. But, what you probably can’t tell, is that I’ve been traveling since the day I was born. My life story is complex, crazy, and downright impossible to summarise but here are some little tidbits. I was born in South Korea, and have since lived in Finland, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, and the US. I went through college/university struggling with third culture kid problems, but then renewed my love for traveling when I studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2014. Probably stemming from my hectic childhood, I love to plan things out and so enjoy creating itineraries for friends, family, and friends-to-be! My parents gave me my Canon PowerShot SX50 HS as a gift, and I can’t seem to stop taking pictures! Someday I will upgrade it to something more spiffy, but for now it’s the best companion I could ask for. I moved to London with the love of my life in September of 2016 and wow, what a crazy journey it has been. It seems like this train will never stop and that is just fine with me. I’m a pescatarian, leaning towards vegetarianism, but I am passionate about food. I don’t like the term food snob, but I can tell you I will hunt high and low for the best food out there. I love the city and I love the sea. For some reason, the two are always at odds but I’m all about loving both. So, ta ta for now, cheers for taking a peak at my blog, and say hello to new adventures!  

Upcoming Trips:

  • December 2017: Virginia and Florida, USA; St. Maarten/St. Martin; US Virgin Islands
  • February 2018: Bath, and Stonehenge, England
  • March 2018: Rome, Naples, Pompeii, and Capri, Italy
  • April 2018: Zaragoza, San Sebastián, and Barcelona, Spain