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London Ella Canta 13

My Magical Mexican Birthday at Ella Canta: A Review

This review is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. I choose to review restaurants that I genuinely love so very much. Check out my other reviews for honest, thorough, and delicious appraisals!  Ella Canta is a beautiful name for a restaurant. I imagine…

London Fitzrovia Bao 17

Munching on Taiwanese Delights at BAO: A Review

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Taiwanese   I am thrilled to discuss one of my favourite London restaurants: BAO. The establishment has two restaurants, one in Soho and one in Fitzrovia. The Soho location is characterised by infamous long lines full of eager bao-fans.…

Grimaldi's NYC 2

Restaurant Review: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Location: New York City, NY, USA Cuisine: Italian    Like many Italian and Italian-influenced places, New York City is undergoing a pizza war. Sure, there are traditional pizza places that have been there since the first Italians arrived to NYC. However, there is a…

Restaurant Review Taberna 2

Restaurant Review: Saca-Rolhas Taberna

Location: Relva, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal Cuisine: Azorean   I swing from vegetarianism to pescatarianism in my food habits. And admittedly, my seafood and fish intake goes way up in the Açores. The food is just so darn good! I mean, I go right…

London Sticks'n'Sushi 3

Restaurant Review: Sticks’n’Sushi

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Japanese   One of my first nice dinners in London, Sticks’n’Sushi will always have a special place in my heart. Victor took me here for my birthday and I fell in love (with sushi haha). Sticks’n’Sushi is a Copenhagen-based…

Restaurant Review - London Tokyo Diner 1

Restaurant Review: Tokyo Diner

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Japanese   Chinatown is slightly overwhelming. There are so many different restaurants which specialise in different things like peking duck, dim sum, and other classics. I venture into Chinatown multiple times a month because my favourite move theatre is…

Restaurant Review - Quinta dos Açores 4

Restaurant Review: Quinta dos Açores

Location: Ponta Delgada & Angra do Heroísmo (Açores, Portugal) Cuisine: Azorean   The Açores continues to grow and with growth comes wonderful excess like restaurants that serve delicious, wonderful food. Quinta dos Açores prides itself with local products and primary production. Everything comes from local…

Restaurant Review - Rose's Luxury 6

Restaurant Review: Rose’s Luxury

Location: Washington, D.C., USA Cuisine: American   There are many nice, pricey restaurants in DC, but this one caught my eye instantly because of its mysteriousness and exclusivity. Rose’s Luxury is a small plates/family style meals new American restaurant. They do not take reservations,…


Restaurant Review: Restaurante Associação Agrícola

Location: Ribeira Grande, Açores, Portugal Cuisine: Azorean   In 2014, this restaurant set up shop in an outdoor tent in the middle of a farm. I remember coming here when it first opened and wondering where the heck I was. Nonetheless, the meat I…


The Vegetarian Traveler: Dallas

Welcome to my new series specifically focusing on vegetarianism as a traveler across the world. I will discuss what traditional meals are already vegetarian, how to easily make meaty meals vegetarian friendly, and point out some veggie restaurants in whichever location I am discussing…