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Perfect Palma: Discovering the Heart of Mallorca

When my friends and I were looking for a sun-soaking, beach-filled break from university, I’m not sure we expected to get paradise and a city to go along with it. I’m so used to sleepy island towns, towns that do not have much of…

Mallorca 9

Sunshine Smiles: Mallorca, Here We Come!

The sunshine is really picking up around here in London, but I can’t help but think about how so many more places in the world are warmer! While I love summer in London, sometimes you just need to get away to some real summer…

Vila Franca - Azores 18

The Açores: A Blog Post Overview

Hi readers! Please note this is a LIVE blog post, and so will be updated regularly. Please check back from time to time for ever more coverage of the Açores! It truly is unbelievable that after one year, I have finally said everything I…

Amsterdam 26

Amsterdam Part 2: Local Markets, Up North, and Anne Frank

Ah, beautiful, beautiful Amsterdam! Waking up to another sunny day, I was ready to embrace Amsterdam with open arms. Having never been to the Netherlands, all the wonderful architecture was completely new to me. Part 1 of our adventure included a visit to the Van…


In Full Bloom: DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival

As springtime approaches London, it is sad not to see any cherry blossom trees around. Posts on Facebook keep showing blossoms blooming in Japan which reminds me of a beautiful festival in my home city, Washington, DC.  The National Cherry Blossom Festival is one…

Amsterdam 7

Amsterdam Part 1: Van Gogh, Stroopwafels, and Cheese

There are many different travel styles out there. There’s budget, luxury, backpacking, fast travel, slow travel, vacationers, expats, and all the like. I tend to be someone who likes to spend a lot of time in one place, or at least go back to…


Sitges: Paradise Is Just a Train Ride Away

If there was such a thing as a street protest for the best city to travel to, I would be there with all my picket signs and face paint yelling ‘Barcelona!’ It seriously has the best of everything and though I am incredibly biased,…

Belfast International Wall 2

Locating The Troubles Today: A Bit of Context

Many of you are probably unaware that I studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the spring semester of 2014. I specifically studied Northern Irish history, including The Troubles. I fell in love with the small city and countryside. My blog started off as…