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Sitges: Paradise Is Just a Train Ride Away

If there was such a thing as a street protest for the best city to travel to, I would be there with all my picket signs and face paint yelling ‘Barcelona!’ It seriously has the best of everything and though I am incredibly biased,…

Belfast International Wall 2

Locating The Troubles Today: A Bit of Context

Many of you are probably unaware that I studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the spring semester of 2014. I specifically studied Northern Irish history, including The Troubles. I fell in love with the small city and countryside. My blog started off as…

Barcelona - Basílica dels Sants Just i Pastor 2

Barri Gótic: A Walking Tour

My first trip to Barcelona back in September 2015 was filled with so much excitement that I could barely handle both the trip and starting a travel blog. I was overwhelmed by all my photos and thoughts, so it took quite a while to…

Wallace Collection Marylebone 1

Marvellous Marylebone: A Love Story

Oh, my beloved Marylebone. After Victor and I moved from South West London to North West London we had the opportunity to rediscover London with new eyes. Just 15 minutes away from my place is the lovely area of Marylebone. It almost feels like…


Borough: The South Side of the Thames

Admittedly, most of the well-known places in London lie north of the River Thames. For whatever reason, the southern part of almost every city I know always has a different feel than the northern part. Southern London neighbourhoods have struggled as the outskirts of…

Christmas London 19

Joy to the World: Celebrating Christmas in London

The air is starting to feel a little more crisp here in London. Autumn came early and so has winter it seems. As the holiday season approaches, I cannot help but reminisce last year’s festivities. Christmas in Europe is already wonderful, but Christmas in…


Festas Nossa Senhora: An Azorean Celebration

Portugal is quite a Catholic country and therefore they also have many reasons for celebration and remembrance. Several festivities occur throughout the year and yes, the celebrations can be large in big cities, but every small town has their own version as well. The…

London Fitzrovia 6

London’s Own Bohemian Paradise: Exploring Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia may ring some bells for you, though the area is a bit elusive in terms of its stereotypes. This attractive neighbourhood is in between plenty of other great areas. Wealthy Marylebone is to the west, edgy Soho is to the south, fancy Bloomsbury…

Ponta da Ferraria 3

Ponta da Ferraria: A Hot Spring in the Atlantic

If you’ve been following my coverage of my visit to São Miguel, then you already know the island is full of natural wonders. I have yet another wonderful wonder to share with you. Ponta da Ferraria is a hot spring in the sea itself.…

Açores Ceramics 3

Azorean Artisans: Getting Crafty with Ceramics

The Açores has so much to offer. With its natural beauty, adventurous waters, and incredible landscapes, there are endless possibilities. When I asked Victor’s parents what they thought about the Açores, they said it was like stepping back in time. And in some ways,…