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Restaurant Review: Rose’s Luxury

Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Cuisine: American


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There are many nice, pricey restaurants in DC, but this one caught my eye instantly because of its mysteriousness and exclusivity. Rose’s Luxury is a small plates/family style meals new American restaurant. They do not take reservations, and so lines form around 4PM each day for people to get their name down on the seating list. Their menu changes quite often, so you never know what you’re gonna get! But let me tell you, absolutely everything is delicious. My boyfriend and I thought the restaurant was incredibly romantic. We sat upstairs by the front window, with some succulent decorations.

For drinks, my boyfriend had Blanco Tequila with ginger, jalapeño, agave, and grapefruit. I had tequila with lime, blackberry, and habanero sculpin. Food wise, our waitress brought us some delicious potato bread to start off with (not to be underestimated).

Restaurant Review - Rose's Luxury 1 We had two cold small dishes. The first was a citrus salad with spicy cashews and shaved fennel. The second was tofu sausage with habanero, peanuts, and lychee salad. It was cute because you get to have a DIY moment where you mix all the ingredients together.

From the warm & grill menu, we had the charred carrots with harissa, housemade yogurt, and pearl onions. This was by far our favorite dish of the night! For our main we had ordered one dish of hand-cut chitarra “cacio e pepe.” To our surprise, we were first served another pasta dish: spaghetti with caramelized cauliflower and white wine soffrito. It was our second favorite dish. All the flavors blended so well. After this dish, we were given not one but two of the black pepper pasta.

Restaurant Review - Rose's Luxury 4 Restaurant Review - Rose's Luxury 5Though we were getting full, we really wanted to try the desserts. We ordered the key lime pie and the coconut ice cream with lime and kiwi. My boyfriend loved the key lime pie and I loved the ice cream. So much good food here! And, to the make the night even more perfect, the restaurant gave us two of the pasta plates for free! It was very sweet of them, and I’ve heard they’re notorious for doing such things. I highly recommend going here. There’s a reason there’s so much hype around this place.

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