Eastbourne seafront Hi, I’m Jamie! As you can probably already tell, I’m a traveller. But, what you probably don’t know, is that I’ve been travelling since the day I was born. My life story is complex, crazy, and downright impossible to summarise but here are some little tidbits. I was born in South Korea and proceeded to grow up in Finland, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, and the US (Washington D.C. and Virginia). I attended college in Ohio and went through some third culture kid problems, but I renewed my love for travelling when I studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2014.

I moved to London with the love of my life in September of 2016 and wow, what a crazy journey it has been. It seems like this train will never stop and that is just fine with me. 

Probably stemming from my hectic childhood, I love to plan things out and so enjoy creating itineraries for friends, family, and friends-to-be! I’m a pescatarian, leaning towards vegetarianism, but I am passionate about food. I don’t like the term food snob, but I can tell you I will hunt high and low for the best food out there. I love the city and I love the sea. For some reason, the two are constantly at odds but I’m all about loving both. So, ta ta for now, cheers for taking a peek at my blog, and say hello to new adventures!  

Upcoming Trips

Because my partner is from Barcelona and I’m from the US (and am Portuguese with family in the Açores and on mainland Portugal), I’m really lucky to have so many opportunities to travel. However, I do like to travel beyond my bubble of course! Here are my plans for the next year or so.

  • January/February 2024: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
  • February 2024: Barcelona, Spain
  • May 2024: Istanbul, Turkey
  • May/June 2024: Barcelona, Spain
  • August 2024: New York & Massachusetts, USA
  • September 2024: Galicia, Spain
  • October/November 2024: Japan
  • November 2024: Madrid, Spain