Amsterdam 1

I’m a planner. I’m not one for surprises and like to know exactly what my day is going to be filled with. I know, I know, this seems a bit intense… but this is just how I am. I think half of enjoying life is accepting who you are — wouldn’t you agree? In any case, I remember at the sweet age of ten creating itineraries for family vacations and the habit is just as strong today. I create a wide range of itineraries, from day trips to two week holidays. I am naturally budget oriented, so each itinerary is what I would call ‘reasonable’. 

My main travel planning platform is Sygic Travel (previously known as Tripomatic). Each itinerary below will have a text-version of the itinerary as well as a link to the Sygic itinerary, which provides a much more detailed version. Check them out below!

If you’d like a customised itinerary, please do email me! Perhaps in the future I’ll start charging for my services (wink wink), but for now my planning skills are completely free.