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I love food. There, open and honest. I never knew I was a foodie until I realized all my trips centered on what I was going to eat for lunch and dinner (oops). I love trying local cuisines because I feel like you can’t know a country until you’ve eaten what the people eat! When in Rome, as they say. So far, my favourite cuisines are Mexican, Thai, and Korean!

I’m a pescatarian, so I obviously have some ethical angles regarding food. I try not to push my thoughts onto others, but I’m always happy to share my experiences. No, being a pescatarian and foodie is not a contradiction. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to eat in every restaurant I’ve been to! 

Because I love food so much, I write several types of reviews. Though I mostly focus on Restaurants Reviews, I also throw in some cuisine guides amongst other things. 




KILN London

KILN: A Tiny Thai Grill with Big Flavour

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: Thai It's about time I wrote about a Thai restaurant in London! I adore Thai cuisine -- ...
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Esters London

Esters: London’s Experimental and Modern Brunch Spot

Location: Stoke Newington, Hackney, London, EnglandCuisine: Modern British I've spoken before how I'm not a big fan of Italian food, ...
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Mowgli 5

Trying out Indian Street Food at Mowgli

Location: England, United Kingdom (9 locations)Cuisine: Indian The first thing I do when planning a trip is ask myself this ...
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Going Retro and Italian at Osteria Wolf

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: British Seasonal Since my trip to Rome and Naples last year, I've been constantly seeking real, fresh, ...
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Homemade Italian Pasta at Lina Stores

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: Italian Since my trip to Rome and Naples last year, I've been constantly seeking real, fresh, authentic ...
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The Best Sugary Treats in London

In our current world, in the face of flying social media, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is ...
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Brunchin’ and Munchin’ at Half Cup

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: Brunch Every city I've ever lived in has had a special passion for brunch. But, the key ...
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Street Food in Bangkok

I just started watching Netflix's new show, Street Food, and OF COURSE the first episode is on Bangkok! Ah, it ...
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Bar Douro: A Portuguese Gem in London

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: Portuguese Despite how I look, how I sound, and where I live, I am indeed 50% Portuguese ...
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The Calçotada: A Catalan Gastronomical Tradition

I think the key to really understanding a place is that place's food. No, seriously. Food brings people together in ...
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