Work With Me

Work With Me

So what is it you actually do?

Without sounding too cliche, I’m a bit of a renaissance (wo)man. I’m a law student who takes time out of a crazy schedule to travel. I’m a Portuguese-American who was born in South Korea and proceeded to grow up all over the world, including Finland, Hawaii, Australia, and Thailand. I now live in London, so you could say I’m a bit of a nomad (not very renaissance-like, I know). 

Much like many other wonderful bloggers, I started my own blog after I studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I studied conflict resolution within post-conflict societies. My main interest is international human rights and I am embarking on a career in the field. I’m a voyager by birth, and world traveler by choice, but my passion is people. I make connections… partnerships… friendships — things that actually matter. 

Why should I work with you?

Because I have a vision! I want to promote travel in an ethical, educational, and cultural way, a way that people can travel differently. I am extremely motivated and I have a strong voice. I have a soft spot for uncovering hidden aspects of giant cities, but also highlighting relatively unknown places. Because of my passion for human rights, you can count on me to flesh out the most meaningful parts of a destination. 

Do you do Press/Ambassador Trips?

Yes! I’m always open to discovering new places and spaces. I strongly believe every destination in the world has something valuable to offer and it is my goal to uncover all of it. I can promote your destination, accommodation, restaurant-scene, brand, airline, and so much more! Reviews, social media attention, and whatever else I think would be effective are up for grabs. For a more meaningful partnership, might I suggest an Ambassador Trip? As I’ve eluded to above, I enjoy strong partnerships. An Ambassador Trip would allow me to really speak from experience as well as get to know a destination from the inside out. 

When can you get started?

As soon as you email me and we get the conversation started!