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Barcelona Cuisine

Neighbourhood Cooking at Bar Nuri

Location: Barcelona, Spain Cuisine: Catalan     Along the main thoroughfare, or rambla, in the neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona is a place that looks fairly casual, but offers the best tapas and plates in the area. A couple, Nuri and Jordi, opened their…

Barcelona Cuisine

Catalan Food with a Twist at Restaurant Embat

Location: Barcelona, Spain Cuisine: Catalan   Barcelona is an amazing city full of exciting sights and sounds, but food-wise it’s not particularly known for its cuisine. You might think that’s a surprise, but that’s because if you’ve been to Barcelona you’ve probably had dishes…

Barcelona Cuisine

A Piece of Galician Cuisine at Casa de Tapas Cañota

Location: Barcelona, Spain Cuisine: Spanish and Galician   Finding good restaurants in Barcelona is difficult… not because there isn’t good food of course! But because you can only really rely on personal recommendations. This is why very old-fashioned restaurants tend to be the best…

Barcelona Cuisine

Going Crazy for Tapas at Tapeo

Location: Barcelona, España Cuisine: Spanish and Catalan   Most of the restaurants I’ve been to in Barcelona have been recommendations from friends who have lived in the city forever. Most of these restaurants are nowhere near new, and they perhaps do not even have…

Barcelona Cuisine

The Vegetarian Traveler: Barcelona

This post is in continuation of my Vegetarian Traveler series. My first post was on Dallas, Texas. I will continue to discuss what traditional meals are already vegetarian, how to easily make meaty meals vegetarian friendly, and point out some veggie restaurants in whichever…

Barcelona Cuisine

Restaurant Review: Teresa Carles

Location: Barcelona, España Cuisine: Vegetarian/Catalan   If you know anything about Spain, you may know that vegetarianism isn’t exactly a widespread lifestyle. Vegetarianism is common in some Asian countries, like India and Taiwan. A handful of European countries as well as Australia and New…