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BRAT: Taking on Basque Smoke & Fire

Location: London, England Cuisine: Basque / British   I’ve been wanting to go to BRAT ever since moving to Northeast London. I mean, it’s not a hidden gem since BRAT has had a Michelin star since October 2018. The cuisine is heavily influenced by…

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Cuisine London

Scrumptious Sarnies: The Best Sandwiches in Hackney

When Covid-19 restrictions slowly started lifting last summer, Victor and I made a habit of getting a sandwich every Friday lunchtime. It became a lovely ritual, whereby we got to explore our neighbourhood and support local businesses. And I mean, who doesn’t love a…

Cuisine London

Experiencing 1930s Taipei at XU

Location: West End, London, England Cuisine: Taiwanese   When I heard that the team behind BAO was opening a fancy-schmancy restaurant, I immediately knew I had to go when it opened. This was back in 2017 mind you, but the London food scene has…

Barcelona Cuisine

A Piece of Galician Cuisine at Casa de Tapas Cañota

Location: Barcelona, Spain Cuisine: Spanish and Galician   Finding good restaurants in Barcelona is difficult… not because there isn’t good food of course! But because you can only really rely on personal recommendations. This is why very old-fashioned restaurants tend to be the best…

Cuisine London

Homage to East & North London’s Bakeries

O bakery divine, how sweet thou art. Truly, the magical pastries that emerge from bakeries’ ovens are simply incredible and I am forever in awe of what we humans can indeed create! As a child, I dreamed of living in a cottage by the…

KILN London
Cuisine London

KILN: A Tiny Thai Grill with Big Flavour

Location: London, England Cuisine: Thai   It’s about time I wrote about a Thai restaurant in London! I adore Thai cuisine — in fact, I have since I was a 12 year old middle schooler living in Bangkok. For me, Thai food will always…

Esters London
Cuisine London

Esters: London’s Experimental and Modern Brunch Spot

Location: Stoke Newington, Hackney, London, England Cuisine: Modern British   I’ve spoken before how I’m not a big fan of Italian food, but then discovered some amazing restaurants in Italy and London that changed my mind. I’m now a big fan, I promise! I…

Mowgli 5

Trying out Indian Street Food at Mowgli

Location: England, United Kingdom (9 locations) Cuisine: Indian   The first thing I do when planning a trip is ask myself this question: what am I going to eat?! The restaurants and dishes I try tend to be at the very heart of my…

Cuisine London

Going Retro and Italian at Osteria Wolf

Location: London, England Cuisine: British Seasonal   Since my trip to Rome and Naples last year, I’ve been constantly seeking real, fresh, authentic Italian food. I wondered whether somewhere besides Italy could achieve this. After searching far and wide in central London, I ran…