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Roti Chai: London’s Best Indian Food

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Indian   I have a confession to make: I am not the biggest fan of Indian food. *GASP* I know. How can I move to London and not appreciate all the good Indian food out here? Well, as I’ve…

Cuisine London

Going Beyond Haggis at Mac & Wild

Location: London, United Kingdom (Fitzrovia Location) Cuisine: Scottish    I feel like Scottish food has just about the same reputation as English food: not great.  Now, full disclaimer, I did not like this restaurant the first time around. I really did not feel like…

Cuisine London

Sunday Roast at the Pig & Butcher

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: British   My thing these days is to find restaurants and cafes that source their produce from local farms. I am inspired by Chef’s Table piece on Dan Barber, a chef who spearheads the local cuisine movement which is…

Cuisine London

Breddos: The Best Tacos in London

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Mexican   As a foodie, it is extremely difficult to choose a favourite cuisine. I love traditional dishes from all over the world, which I guess is not a bad thing. But, if I was to pick a cuisine…

London Ella Canta 13
Cuisine London

My Magical Mexican Birthday at Ella Canta: A Review

This review is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. I choose to review restaurants that I genuinely love so very much. Check out my other reviews for honest, thorough, and delicious appraisals!  Ella Canta is a beautiful name for a restaurant. I imagine…

London Fitzrovia Bao 17
Cuisine London

Munching on Taiwanese Delights at BAO: A Review

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Taiwanese     I am thrilled to discuss one of my favourite London restaurants: BAO. The establishment has two restaurants, one in Soho and one in Fitzrovia. The Soho location is characterised by infamous long lines full of eager…

Grimaldi's NYC 2
Cuisine New York City

Restaurant Review: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Location: New York City, NY, USA Cuisine: Italian    Like many Italian and Italian-influenced places, New York City is undergoing a pizza war. Sure, there are traditional pizza places that have been there since the first Italians arrived to NYC. However, there is a…

Barcelona Cuisine

The Vegetarian Traveler: Barcelona

This post is in continuation of my Vegetarian Traveler series. My first post was on Dallas, Texas. I will continue to discuss what traditional meals are already vegetarian, how to easily make meaty meals vegetarian friendly, and point out some veggie restaurants in whichever…

Restaurant Review Taberna 2
Açores Cuisine

Restaurant Review: Saca-Rolhas Taberna

Location: Relva, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal Cuisine: Azorean   I swing from vegetarianism to pescatarianism in my food habits. And admittedly, my seafood and fish intake goes way up in the Açores. The food is just so darn good! I mean, I go right…

London Sticks'n'Sushi 3
Cuisine London

Sticks’n’Sushi: A Review

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Japanese   One of my first nice dinners in London, Sticks’n’Sushi will always have a special place in my heart. Victor took me here for my birthday and I fell in love (with sushi haha). Sticks’n’Sushi is a Copenhagen-based…