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Bar Douro: A Portuguese Gem in London

Location: London, England Cuisine: Portuguese   Despite how I look, how I sound, and where I live, I am indeed 50% Portuguese. My mother became an American citizen when she married my very much American dad. Previously, she lived with her family on the…

Cuisine London

Korean Street Food at On the Bab

Location: London, England Cuisine: Korean     This place had been on my list forever because of its great reviews and delicious appeal. I love Korean food. In fact, if I could just have Mexican, Thai, and Korean cuisine for the rest of my…

Cuisine London

Feeling Modern at Bistrotheque

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: British   In a city like London, new restaurants are popping all the time with their flashy new concepts. Bistrotheque is not one of them. It opened 14 years ago and is located between Bethnal Green and Hackney, in a…

Cuisine London

Santo Remedio: From Mexico to London

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Mexican   It’s no secret among my close friends and family that I am obsessed with Mexican food. As my rant in my review of Breddos indicates, I just can’t get enough of it. I’m always on the lookout…

Cuisine London

Roti Chai: London’s Best Indian Food

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Indian   I have a confession to make: I am not the biggest fan of Indian food. *GASP* I know. How can I move to London and not appreciate all the good Indian food out here? Well, as I’ve…

Cuisine London

Going Beyond Haggis at Mac & Wild

Location: London, United Kingdom (Fitzrovia Location) Cuisine: Scottish    I feel like Scottish food has just about the same reputation as English food: not great.  Now, full disclaimer, I did not like this restaurant the first time around. I really did not feel like…

Cuisine London

Sunday Roast at the Pig & Butcher

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: British   My thing these days is to find restaurants and cafes that source their produce from local farms. I am inspired by Chef’s Table piece on Dan Barber, a chef who spearheads the local cuisine movement which is…

Cuisine London

Breddos: The Best Tacos in London

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Mexican   As a foodie, it is extremely difficult to choose a favourite cuisine. I love traditional dishes from all over the world, which I guess is not a bad thing. But, if I was to pick a cuisine…

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Cuisine London

My Magical Mexican Birthday at Ella Canta: A Review

This review is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. I choose to review restaurants that I genuinely love so very much. Check out my other reviews for honest, thorough, and delicious appraisals!  Ella Canta is a beautiful name for a restaurant. I imagine…

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Cuisine London

Munching on Taiwanese Delights at BAO: A Review

Location: London, United Kingdom Cuisine: Taiwanese     I am thrilled to discuss one of my favourite London restaurants: BAO. The establishment has two restaurants, one in Soho and one in Fitzrovia. The Soho location is characterised by infamous long lines full of eager…