Barcelona Cuisine

Restaurant Review: Teresa Carles

Location: Barcelona, España

Cuisine: Vegetarian/Catalan


If you know anything about Spain, you may know that vegetarianism isn’t exactly a widespread lifestyle. Vegetarianism is common in some Asian countries, like India and Taiwan. A handful of European countries as well as Australia and New Zealand are also high on the list. Needless to say, it can sometimes be a challenge in Europe to find things to eat. Barcelona is known for being a bit more forward-thinking and modern, so I asked Victor if there are any good vegetarian restaurants in the city. A friend recommended Teresa Carles.

Vegetarianism is most definitely a growing trend/concern in Barcelona, as shown by Teresa Carles. The vegetarian aspect of the restaurant is really interesting because of the focus on health, rather than ethics. The restaurant was cool and modern, yet cozy enough to want to stay a while. The menu consists modern, vegetarian takes on classic Catalan dishes as well as other familiar Mediterranean dishes.

Victor had the Mar & Mountain, which is a vegetarian version of a typical Catalan dish. He said he liked it better than the original version! I chose Verde Que Te Quiero Verde, which is a quote taken from a poem by Federico García Lorca, “Romance Sonambulo.” It translates to “Green, how I want you green.” You can read the whole poem in English or Spanish here if you so desire. Regarding the dish, it is the most delicious risotto. Consisting of oats risotto with spinach, green asparagus, zucchini, roquefort cheese, grated lemon rind and caramelised nuts, it is to die for! I loved every bite! So, I can happily say that this restaurant was a success for us.

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