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Barcelona Cuisine

Neighbourhood Cooking at Bar Nuri

Location: Barcelona, Spain Cuisine: Catalan     Along the main thoroughfare, or rambla, in the neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona is a place that looks fairly casual, but offers the best tapas and plates in the area. A couple, Nuri and Jordi, opened their…


Exploring the Ebre Lands of Tarragona

In June 2021, we were just coming out of several Covid restrictions in the UK and summer was looking a bit brighter. We took the opportunity to head to Barcelona for two weeks to (i) visit Victor’s parents and (ii) finally leave the UK!…


Up and Away to Montjuïc: Barcelona’s Birthplace

The wonderful city of Barcelona is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I may be slightly biased with having a partner from this incredible place, however, I have come to really appreciate the never-ending cultural experience that can be found here.…


Exploring the Wonders of Santiago de Compostela

Beyond the Rías Baixas, we explored other areas of Galicia on our wondrous 10-day trip. For example, we spent a day in the place (and perhaps the only place) that everyone probably knows in Galicia: Santiago de Compostela. If the city doesn’t ring a bell,…


A Summer Getaway to Catalunya

Writing this now in December, as my trip to Barcelona is cancelled for Christmas, it seems incredible that I was able to be in Barcelona back in July. And while Covid-19 was very much rampant in the summer, there was a small glimmer of…