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El Born: Barcelona’s Charm

The wonderful city of Barcelona is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I may be slightly biased with having a partner from this incredible place, however I have come really appreciate the never-ending cultural experience that can be found here. This is…


A 2-Day Road Trip Along the Basque Northern Coast

This post continues my coverage of my trip to the Basque Country in April 2018. I started out with a guide to eating pintxos in San Sebastian. This post covers a road trip along the coast.  Spain is a large country with many different…


A Guide to Pintxos in San Sebastián

San Sebastian, or Donostia in Basque, is the gem of Spain in terms of gastronomy. It is the city with the second most Michelin stars per capita in the world, only behind Kyoto, Japan. Additionally, based on the 2013 ranking, two of the world’s top…

Barcelona Cuisine

Going Crazy for Tapas at Tapeo

Location: Barcelona, España Cuisine: Spanish and Catalan   Most of the restaurants I’ve been to in Barcelona have been recommendations from friends who have lived in the city forever. Most of these restaurants are nowhere near new, and they perhaps do not even have…


Perfect Palma: Discovering the Heart of Mallorca

When my friends and I were looking for a sun-soaking, beach-filled break from university, I’m not sure we expected to get paradise and a city to go along with it. I’m so used to sleepy island towns, towns that do not have much of…

Mallorca 9

Sunshine Smiles: Mallorca, Here We Come!

The sunshine is really picking up around here in London, but I can’t help but think about how so many more places in the world are warmer! While I love summer in London, sometimes you just need to get away to some real summer…


Sitges: Paradise Is Just a Train Ride Away

If there was such a thing as a street protest for the best city to travel to, I would be there with all my picket signs and face paint yelling ‘Barcelona!’ It seriously has the best of everything and though I am incredibly biased,…

Barcelona - Basílica dels Sants Just i Pastor 2

Barri Gótic: A Walking Tour

My first trip to Barcelona back in September 2015 was filled with so much excitement that I could barely handle both the trip and starting a travel blog. I was overwhelmed by all my photos and thoughts, so it took quite a while to…

Barcelona Cuisine

The Vegetarian Traveler: Barcelona

This post is in continuation of my Vegetarian Traveler series. My first post was on Dallas, Texas. I will continue to discuss what traditional meals are already vegetarian, how to easily make meaty meals vegetarian friendly, and point out some veggie restaurants in whichever…