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The Best Sugary Treats in London

In our current world, in the face of flying social media, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is actually good! Instagram is the perfect medium to depict pretty much anything as glorious. I think we’re so caught up in getting that perfect…


Bristol’s Coolest Spots: Stokes Croft and Montpelier

“No place sums up the Bristol attitude of artistic creation and rebellion as Stokes Croft and Montpelier. With its world-renowned street art, thriving local scene and diverse cultural history, Stokes Croft has for decades been resisting the inevitable creep of corporate interests, but more importantly offers…


El Born: Barcelona’s Charming Neighbourhood

The wonderful city of Barcelona is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I may be slightly biased with having a partner from this incredible place, however I have come really appreciate the never-ending cultural experience that can be found here. This is…


A 2-Day Road Trip Along the Basque Northern Coast

This post continues my coverage of my trip to the Basque Country in April 2018. I started out with a guide to eating pintxos in San Sebastian. This post covers a road trip along the coast.  Spain is a large country with many different…


Walking Through Corfu’s Pastel-Coloured World

Colours, without saying a word, evoke a lot of emotions. There’s even something called colour psychology which is quite frankly very undeveloped, however the idea is that colours MEAN something to us. Those meanings and emotions come from our own experience and culture. For…

Cuisine London

Bar Douro: A Portuguese Gem in London

Location: London, England Cuisine: Portuguese   Despite how I look, how I sound, and where I live, I am indeed 50% Portuguese. My mother became an American citizen when she married my very much American dad. Previously, she lived with her family on the…


A Guide to Pintxos in San Sebastián

San Sebastian, or Donostia in Basque, is the gem of Spain in terms of gastronomy. It is the city with the second most Michelin stars per capita in the world, only behind Kyoto, Japan. Additionally, based on the 2013 ranking, two of the world’s top…


To Naples with Love

So yes, Rome blew me away with its art, history, food, and culture. There is perhaps no better way to start getting to know Italy than by exploring the capital. However, Rome is also just a gateway to the rest of country with hundreds…


The Ultimate Fitzrovia Pub Crawl

Everyday at about 5:00pm, the business men and women of central London can be found at their nearest pub. Pub culture is alive and well in London and so visitors want to get in on some of the fun. I always make a point…