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I love food. There, open and honest. I never knew I was a foodie until I realized all my trips centered on what I was going to eat for lunch and dinner (oops). I love trying local cuisines because I feel like you can’t know a country until you’ve eaten what the people eat! When in Rome, as they say. So far, my favourite cuisines are Mexican, Thai, and Korean!

I’m a pescatarian, so I obviously have some ethical angles regarding food. I try not to push my thoughts onto others, but I’m always happy to share my experiences. No, being a pescatarian and foodie is not a contradiction. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to eat in every restaurant I’ve been to! 

Because I love food so much, I write several types of reviews. Though I mostly focus on Restaurants Reviews, I also throw in some cuisine guides amongst other things. 




Breddos: The Best Tacos in London

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Mexican As a foodie, it is extremely difficult to choose a favourite cuisine. I love traditional ...
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London Ella Canta 13

My Magical Mexican Birthday at Ella Canta: A Review

This review is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. I choose to review restaurants that I genuinely love so ...
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London Fitzrovia Bao 17

Munching on Taiwanese Delights at BAO: A Review

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Taiwanese  I am thrilled to discuss one of my favourite London restaurants: BAO. The establishment has ...
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Grimaldi's NYC 2

Restaurant Review: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Location: New York City, NY, USACuisine: Italian  Like many Italian and Italian-influenced places, New York City is undergoing a pizza ...
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The Vegetarian Traveler: Barcelona

This post is in continuation of my Vegetarian Traveler series. My first post was on Dallas, Texas. I will continue ...
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Restaurant Review Taberna 2

Restaurant Review: Saca-Rolhas Taberna

Location: Relva, São Miguel, Açores, PortugalCuisine: Azorean I swing from vegetarianism to pescatarianism in my food habits. And admittedly, my ...
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London Sticks'n'Sushi 3

Sticks’n’Sushi: A Review

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Japanese One of my first nice dinners in London, Sticks’n’Sushi will always have a special place ...
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Restaurant Review - London Tokyo Diner 1

Going Authentic (and Cheap!) at Tokyo Diner

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Japanese Chinatown is slightly overwhelming. There are so many different restaurants which specialise in different things ...
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Restaurant Review - Quinta dos Açores 4

Restaurant Review: Quinta dos Açores

Location: Ponta Delgada & Angra do Heroísmo (Açores, Portugal)Cuisine: Azorean The Açores continues to grow and with growth comes wonderful excess ...
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Restaurant Review - Rose's Luxury 6

Restaurant Review: Rose’s Luxury

Location: Washington, D.C., USACuisine: American There are many nice, pricey restaurants in DC, but this one caught my eye instantly ...
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