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I love food. There, open and honest. I never knew I was a foodie until I realized all my trips centred on what I was going to eat for lunch and dinner (oops). I love trying local cuisines because I feel like you can’t know a country until you’ve eaten what the people eat! When in Rome, as they say. So far, my favourite cuisines are Mexican, Thai, and Korean!

I’m a pescatarian, so I obviously have some ethical angles regarding food. I try not to push my thoughts onto others, but I’m always happy to share my experiences. No, being a pescatarian and foodie is not a contradiction. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to eat in every restaurant I’ve been to! 

Because I love food so much, I write several types of reviews. Though I mostly focus on Restaurants Reviews, I also throw in some cuisine guides amongst other things. 



Going Crazy for Tapas at Tapeo

Location: Barcelona, EspañaCuisine: Spanish and Catalan Most of the restaurants I've been to in Barcelona have been recommendations from friends ...
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Feeling Modern at Bistrotheque

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: British In a city like London, new restaurants are popping all the time with their flashy ...
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What It Means to Be Local: Lunch at The Goods Shed

Location: Canterbury, EnglandCuisine: British Local Means LocalFirst and foremost, The Goods Shed prides itself in sourcing local products. In fact, ...
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Santo Remedio: From Mexico to London

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Mexican It's no secret among my close friends and family that I am obsessed with Mexican ...
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Roti Chai: London’s Best Indian Food

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Indian I have a confession to make: I am not the biggest fan of Indian food ...
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Going Beyond Haggis at Mac & Wild

Location: London, United Kingdom (Fitzrovia Location)Cuisine: Scottish  I feel like Scottish food has just about the same reputation as English ...
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Sunday Roast at the Pig & Butcher

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: British My thing these days is to find restaurants and cafes that source their produce from ...
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Breddos: The Best Tacos in London

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Mexican As a foodie, it is extremely difficult to choose a favourite cuisine. I love traditional ...
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My Magical Mexican Birthday at Ella Canta: A Review

This review is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. I choose to review restaurants that I genuinely love so ...
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London Fitzrovia Bao 17

Munching on Taiwanese Delights at BAO: A Review

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: Taiwanese  I am thrilled to discuss one of my favourite London restaurants: BAO. The establishment has ...
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