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I love food. There, open and honest. I never knew I was a foodie until I realized all my trips centred on what I was going to eat for lunch and dinner (oops). I love trying local cuisines because I feel like you can’t know a country until you’ve eaten what the people eat! When in Rome, as they say. So far, my favourite cuisines are Mexican, Thai, and Korean!

I’m a pescatarian, so I obviously have some ethical angles regarding food. I try not to push my thoughts onto others, but I’m always happy to share my experiences. No, being a pescatarian and foodie is not a contradiction. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to eat in every restaurant I’ve been to! 

Because I love food so much, I write several types of reviews. Though I mostly focus on Restaurants Reviews, I also throw in some cuisine guides amongst other things. 



The Best Sugary Treats in London

In our current world, in the face of flying social media, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is ...
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Brunchin’ and Munchin’ at Half Cup

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: Brunch Every city I've ever lived in has had a special passion for brunch. But, the key ...
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Street Food in Bangkok

I just started watching Netflix's new show, Street Food, and OF COURSE the first episode is on Bangkok! Ah, it ...
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Bar Douro: A Portuguese Gem in London

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: Portuguese Despite how I look, how I sound, and where I live, I am indeed 50% Portuguese ...
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The Calçotada: A Catalan Gastronomical Tradition

I think the key to really understanding a place is that place's food. No, seriously. Food brings people together in ...
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A Guide to Pintxos in San Sebastián

San Sebastian, or Donostia in Basque, is the gem of Spain in terms of gastronomy. It is the city with the ...
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What and Where to Eat in Rome

One of the first things you probably think of when you think of Rome is the FOOD. I mean, Italian ...
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Korean Street Food at On the Bab

Location: London, EnglandCuisine: Korean This place had been on my list forever because of its great reviews and delicious appeal ...
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Going Crazy for Tapas at Tapeo

Location: Barcelona, EspañaCuisine: Spanish and Catalan Most of the restaurants I've been to in Barcelona have been recommendations from friends ...
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Feeling Modern at Bistrotheque

Location: London, United KingdomCuisine: British In a city like London, new restaurants are popping all the time with their flashy ...
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