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Homemade Italian Pasta at Lina Stores

Location: London, England

Cuisine: Italian


Since my trip to Rome and Naples last year, I’ve been constantly seeking real, fresh, authentic Italian food. I wondered whether somewhere besides Italy could achieve this. After a ton of research, I found out that one of my favourite grocery stores staples, Lina Stores, was opening their very own restaurant! And, as I love their handmade pasta and deli at their store, I was thrilled to know that their new restaurant at 51 Greek Street is really an extension of their original deli!

The Lina Stores Restaurant looks almost identical in style and colour to the original deli. 


Their menus change often to reflect the changing seasons and available produce. I’m loving how this is becoming the norm in London. We started off with some focaccia, a true test of Italian baking. It was fluffy and full-flavoured. 

We ordered three pasta dishes: one for Victor, one for me, and a third one to share. They of course have plenty of antipasti options, but we wanted to get to the golden stuff! Victor opted for the Pappardelle con Ragù di Vitello, Rosmarino e Salvia (Pappardelle, Slow Cooked Veal Ragù, Rosemary and Sage). This pappardelle dish was incredible — a perfect example of ragù. 

I opted for the Spaghetti al Nero con Ragù di Seppie e Aglio Orsino (Squid Ink Spaghetti, Cuttlefish Ragù, Rosemary and Sage). This instantly reminded me of arròs negre (black rice) which is like seafood paella, but the rice is stained with squid ink. It adds an interesting flavour and texture to the rice, and it did the same with the spaghetti! It was most definitely my favourite dish of the evening.

We also shared a very simple dish: Tagliatelle all’Ortica, Burro a Mano e Parmigiano DOP (Young Nettle Tagliatelle, Homemade Butter and Parmesan DOP). It was delicate and lightly flavoured, the epitome of Italian pasta. 

All in all, Lina Stores was a delightful experience. The food is great, and it’s great knowing that all the pasta is handmade down the street at their Deli. Definitely an Italian staple in London!


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