A Texas Style Wedding Part II: The Ceremony and the Celebration

I may have been in Texas, but this wedding was not Texas themed in the slightest. Everything about it was simple and elegant. But even before the wedding ceremony, the bridal party was busy getting ready. We were all provided with getting ready robes, which were the same colour as our bridesmaids dresses. We also each got a little gift from Maggie, including some bath salts, exfoliating gloves, and some much needed oil blotting sheets! We all got our hair and makeup done at Maggie’s house, and then went to the church for a photo shoot. Don’t we all just look beautiful?! I also just realised that we are a pretty great brunette crew.

The Ceremony

The ceremony itself was minimal, but meaningful. As one of the maids of honor, I was able to stand next to Michael and Maggie while they made their vows and kissed, with the pastor saying that they were now husband and wife.

What a beautiful ceremony! I got teary eyed as two of my dear friends tied the knot. I was especially excited to celebrate all afternoon and evening with them. Congrats Maggie and Michael Colonnetta!

Cocktail Hour

After the lovely wedding ceremony, the wedding party headed over to the Royal Oaks Country Club in northern Dallas. Each sub-group had their own photoshoots, so it took a couple hours to get everyone set. After pictures, it was finally celebration time! Cocktail hour started around 5, and we enjoyed the snacks and beverages. I happily munched away on hors d’oeuvres like cheese and fruit. It is also worth noting that the bartender filled my wine glass full to the top! After two glasses, I was more than tipsy for sure!

One of the best things about the cocktail hour was actually getting to talk to my college friends. I spotted them during the ceremony but as I was a major part of the wedding crew I was busy attending to the needs of Maggie. Sometimes you move on from one chapter in your life not really realising what you are leaving behind. I had been missing my old friends so much. It was interesting to see what had changed in just a year. One was interning at Disney in California and the other was doing her Masters in Toronto. 

The Reception

The reception started at 6 sharp. All the guests were welcomed into a glorious wonderland of class and elegance. I wouldn’t expect any less from Maggie.

My maid of honor toast went incredibly well, perhaps thanks to my tipsy-ness. Though I don’t remember much of what I said (due to nervousness, not alcohol), people said that it was incredibly touching. Mission accomplished! Later a video was released summing up Maggie and Michael’s wedding and to my great surprise my speech is the audio for the video. I guess it was not half-bad!

It was Victor and I’s first formal event together, and we had a great time. I think we clean pretty nicely, don’t you think?(;

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