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Maybe it’s just me, but the New Year has taken a while to sink in. Sure, I went out to a nice restaurant for New Year’s Eve dinner, and celebrated with my boyfriend and his parents. I obviously knew 2017 was upon us. And yet, I felt like I hadn’t prepared enough. I hadn’t written down all my goals, my aspirations, my resolutions… nothing. And so here I am more than a week later making lists. I guess the New Years mania still hasn’t escaped me!

2016 was filled with so many great things and also big changes. My boyfriend and I made the huge decision to move to London together, and here we are! Living it up as best we can! And, we don’t exactly have everything planned out (to my dismay) so I’m excited to share not only solidified ideas, but also trips that are currently in the works. 

Açores Coast


I’m heading to Copenhagen with my university friend Shally! I have been once before, but it was only for a day so I’m excited to really delve into full time exploration mode. And yes, it will be absolutely freezing but I already have my giant eskimo-type winter jacket ready for the challenge.

Copenhagen 2015Later on in the month, Victor and I are going on a long weekend trip to Paris. The last time I was in Paris was while I was studying abroad in Belfast. This upcoming trip arose out of the fact that my aunt and uncle are in Paris for my aunt’s birthday, and she invited us to come along. London really isn’t too far away, so here we go! 


A little bit more quiet as I’ll be in student mode, yet Victor and I do have a little weekend getaway trip planned to York in celebration of Valentine’s Day. As a side note, we also have two awesome concerts in February. 

Source: 1Zoom 


My last month of classes! Victor and I hope to make it over to Amsterdam or back to Barcelona. If we end up choosing Amsterdam, I’d like to go the very last weekend because that’s when the Keukenhof gardens open!


In a kind of never ending saga, Victor, his parents, and myself, have been trying to plan an epic trip to Egypt. The timing hasn’t been right so far. With me in school, and Victor starting his new job in February, a lot of things have been up in the air. Nonetheless, it looks like April is our best chance as of yet. Victor and I would have to fly to Barcelona to meet up with Victor’s parents, so it’s possible we’ll end up staying in Barcelona for a few days. A couple uni friends of mine want to make a trip to Barcelona in April as it’s our spring vacation, so let’s see if we can time everything right. If it turns out Victor and I don’t think we can extend some time into Barcelona, then we shall definitely make a visit in March. And if Egypt doesn’t work out, Amsterdam instead! 

Source: Famous Wonders


This time of year will be kind of dead for me. May is exam time and moving time! Yes! Victor and I are going to move soon. We currently live in southwest London, which has been great except for the fact that I am a 75 minute commute from my university. In addition, Victor has a new job up in Paddington, which is quite a ways a way from where we live as well. Right after my last exam, we shall go flat hunting! The only possible thing is that I may have a friend visiting, but that’s still just written down in pencil. 

The summer is also probably booked because I should have some sort of internship or job or something! I’m currently applying for things in London, Washington DC, New York, and Barcelona. Internships typically go from June-August. If I don’t get a full internship, then at least I’ll be doing workshops or part time job throughout the summer. Regardless, my summer needs to be a productive one. I will also be starting Spanish again by then!

But of course, our summer won’t go without some local trips here and there. Summertime is a great time here in the UK, so I want to take advantage. I’d like to include weekend trips to Brighton, the area of Cornwall, and Bath.

Source: The Blonde Salad 


Even more mystery! School will be starting again for me. I’ll have a reading week in October, so perhaps a trip could pop up there. Though I can say I will probably spend my Christmas break back at home in the US. But anyways, here are some possible trip ideas:

  • Rome: Yes! Can you think of a better place to start in Italy than Rome? I have be dreaming of Italy since forever! In fact, I have so many trips planned out for different regions of Italy and I’d really like to complete one of them this year. So, Rome seems like a good choice to start with. We would spend a few days exploring this magnificent city. But, we would not only see Rome. We would head down to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, and around the Amalfi Coast. Perhaps we could tag on Capri! 

RomeSource: The Times

  • Southern Spain: If Italy is not available to us for some reason, the other trip idea is Southern Spain. Another road trip, we would spend our time equally in this triangle: Seville, Córdoba, and Granada. The only little condition is that we really want to see a band from Córdoba actually play there, so we may hold off on this trip to when they are available on stage.
  • Prague: Victor and I also have some long weekend trips to plan. I’ve never been to central Europe, so I’m excited to start with Prague. Victor has never been, and it was his choice out of a selection of cities I presented to him. I’m really excited for this one!

And there you have it! All my exciting trips planned for 2017. I’m really excited to start embarking on some of these adventures and sharing it with all of you. If you have travel tips please let me know!

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