Finding Time: A Day in Greenwich

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Having called London my home for almost an entire year, I easily slip into deep reflection on the course my life has taken over these past several months. I guess this should come as no surprise to myself, but I can’t believe time is passing this quickly. There’s so much more discover in London and beyond, so I struggle with coming to terms with the possibility of leaving. Technically my visa is up in December of 2018, so there’s still plenty of time but I just want to be able to say that at one point in my life, I knew London. I knew it and it is close to my heart.

Greenwich 3Now, enough of that sappy stuff, because I am happy to share my adventure to Greenwich with you. During Victor’s parents’ visit, we had one extra day unplanned and Greenwich was the perfect destination to fill the day. Speaking of time passing by, I guess there’s no better place to muse about time than Greenwich.

Greenwich is a southwest borough of London and home to the famous Prime Meridien. That is pretty much all I knew before visiting this quaint, little town. What I didn’t know was the Prime Meridian ‘spot’ is within a whole complex. The Royal Observatory has long been used as the basis of measurement. I mean, just think about that for a second. Time is determined here.

Greenwich 2 Greenwich 11Getting off the Thames clipper from the river, the first thing you see is a real clipper! The Cutty Stark is representative of the tea trade before steamships took over the industry. Of course the ship is fitting for Greenwich, with all of Greenwich’s maritime history and all. The National Maritime Museum is also located here, though we decided to spend our time elsewhere. There’s only so much time you have, and it’s a big decision to go to a museum because it takes a chunk out of your day. You climb up a large, gradual hill to get to the top where the Royal Observatory lies. Inside the complex are many buildings full of artefacts and information regarding the progress of time. Greenwich 14Other than the Royal Observatory, there is plenty more to see. The Old Royal Naval College is the beautiful building you see whenever you look up Greenwich online. Designed by Christopher Wren, it is both grand and stunning. His works include St. Paul’s Cathedral, parts of Hampton Court Palace, and even the College of William and Mary stateside is spectacular! In any case, the Old Royal Naval College is an architectural gem.

Greenwich 1 Greenwich 10Many aspects of the College are undergoing restoration or renovation — kind of bummer, but I guess you have to be patient. One such place is the Painted Hall, and I literally cannot wait until it’s complete because it will be absolutely spectacular. On the opposite side of the Painted Hall is a chapel. The Chapel of St Peter and St Paul is a Neoclassical masterpiece, definitely not something to miss.

Greenwich 8
Greenwich 9
Greenwich 7

Right between the two towers of the College is the Queen’s House. A former royal residence, this quaint mansion stands as an ancient monument. It was the first classical building built in the United Kingdom.

Greenwich 5After a long day of exploring the wonderful complex, food was on my mind. I researched beforehand and found a great place to have Sunday Roast.

Greenwich - The Guildford Arms 5As I am pescatarian, it may seem a little strange to go for Sunday Roast. However, the Guildford Arms is spot on, and I can’t recommend it enough. Their vegetarian roast is delicious. Victor and his parents loved their meat dishes, so it seems like it’s a good place all around. There’s a wonderful outdoor seating area and plenty of options to choose from. What’s even better are the dogs people bring so I can adore them all afternoon long.

Greenwich - The Guildford Arms 6
Greenwich - The Guildford Arms 4
Greenwich - The Guildford Arms 1
Greenwich - The Guildford Arms 3

And that’s a wrap! It’s amazing to think that this town-like area of Greenwich is part of London!

Greenwich 6

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