Açores Cuisine

Restaurant Review: Restaurante Associação Agrícola

Location: Ribeira Grande, Açores, Portugal

Cuisine: Azorean


In 2014, this restaurant set up shop in an outdoor tent in the middle of a farm. I remember coming here when it first opened and wondering where the heck I was. Nonetheless, the meat I tried was absolutely delicious. Today, Restaurante Associação Agrícola is a well-run, slightly upscale business that is sure to impress visitors from near and far. The restaurant is still run by the Agriculture Association and consequently the food is famous for being local, natural, and delicious. They mostly specialize in beef, but they also have an array of seafood dishes. Most recently I had the Grilled Swordfish, which was tender and extremely flavourful. Most of my family had traditional Azorean-style steak–always a hit with tourists and locals! 

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