Seasonal Digest: Spring 2017

I somehow completely forgot that I mean to do these seasonal digests at the end of EVERY season not just randomly. So, yeah, I forgot to write about Winter. Of course, now that I remember these posts and work on this one now, I realise that Spring 2017 was a pretty bleak time. Exam period was the absolutely worse. Two months of excruciating mental stress and frankly getting quite depressed as I had no time to go out and explore and do the things I love to do. However, there were some great trips and major events.

London Spring

Much of March was exploring parts of London and just enjoying the blossoming spring weather. From an exhibition on Australian Impressionism, to exploring clubs in Shoreditch, to going out to dinner, we were quite busy.

London St. Christopher's Place London Australian Impressionism London Shoreditch

London Paddington

In March, Victor and I traveled to Amsterdam. It was my first time visiting and wow did I have a great time. It’s such a cool city, and we even got to venture to Utrecht, which is basically a smaller Amsterdam. I think my favourite part of the trip was going to the Van Gogh museum and trying out all sorts of little foods like pancakes, fries, and stroopwafels.

Amsterdam 2 Amsterdam 1

My big news for April was moving! Victor and I moved out of south west London, and now we live in north west London, right below Camden. It was so stressful and exciting at the same time.

University-wise, I had two wonderful social events before the craziness of exams. One was a programme dinner, which was hosted at Middle Temple.

London Middle Temple

The other event was a law ball! Again, another wonderful event. It was really fun dressing up, though it was stressful to find the perfect dress. The Law Ball was at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in London, which was also incredibly special. It was a great way of celebrating the year with all my peers.

London Law Ball

In April, Victor and I made a trip to Barcelona to visit his family and friends. I already had to start studying for exams, but it was really nice to be in a warm place. Spring in London is non-existent. And of course, I wasn’t studying ALL day. I had some fun too.

Barcelona Beach


  • Visiting Amsterdam for the very first time and having an amazing time
  • Barcelona is always so much fun and I have such a great time each trip–can this city ever get boring?
  • My Dad visited at the end of March which I really appreciated–we also go to go to our favourite pub out by Heathrow.
  • My friends Maggie and Michael were traveling to the UK as part of a trip to celebrate Maggie’s brother’s graduation from college and I got to see them and show them around London.


  • Exam period was the absolute worst as it really took a toll on me, both physically and mentally! This really ruined my April and May, as I had to stretch all my abilities.

Ideas & Dreams

  • I’m in the midst of planning out my travel plans for the summer and well into autumn. My friend Shally wants me to go over to India, which would be AMAZING. My other friend Tiffany would like to head to Helsinki, so we shall see what happens. I have a lot of summer goals.


  • My internship starts June 19th. I’m working for a charity that helps kids in Indian slums. I’m looking forward to helping out!
  • Victor’s parents are visiting in July–still planning everything out.
  • My family may visit at the end of August!

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