Seasonal Digest: Winter 2018/19

Welcome to another Seasonal Digest! Reflection is an important part of life and in my effort to be self-aware and grateful, I will go through a summary of what’s been going on in my world season by season. This Seasonal Digest covers Winter 2018/19 from December to February. If you want to read more Digests, click here.

Travel Summary

Flights: 12
Countries: 3
Beds: 9

I’ve just landed back in London from a two week holiday in Thailand, so let’s just say winter hasn’t really been on my mind. Winter is my least favourite season, and oftentimes it’s quite ‘slow’. But, I actually traveled so much! 12 flights? 9 beds? Holy moly. 


Despite winter having a bad rep, there are a ton of holiday-associated activities present. At work we had not one or two, but three Christmas parties! The first was company wide, hosted at a gorgeous De Vere Horwood Estate Hotel in Milton Keynes. Set on 38 landscaped acres, this Edwardian country manor was the perfect place for a party. The second Christmas party was with just the London office. We enjoyed dinner in a private room at the Riding House Cafe in Fitzrovia. It was really great getting to know my work colleagues in a more casual way.

And finally, the legal team had their own Christmas lunch at The Gate, a vegetarian restaurant. One of my work colleagues is vegan and I’m pescatarian, so it was the perfect place for us. The food is very delicate and delicious. I would definitely come back!

IMG_4270 2

Of course, work was not the only one having fun! I went to Victor’s work’s Christmas party, the venue being the boss’ mansion in South Kensington — not bad, eh?

Victor and I also went to a Christmas party at our first London home. I hadn’t seen many people in a long time, so it was truly a great evening. We had a white elephant exchange, as well as a traditional British roast. 


I think one of the hardest things about working full-time is making time for everyone. Though not many friends of mine are still in London, I still try and meet up with some from time to time. My friend Tiffany and I had lunch at Blanchette in Brick Lane. Blanchette had been on my list for a long time, so when we were trying to figure out a good in-between, this beautiful French bistro was the answer! 


And so, actual Christmas came around. Victor and I flew to the United States to be with my family. I admit the trip was not exactly what I was hoping for, as I suffered a ton of misfortunes (including being blind for 3 days). Nonetheless, the point is to see family and that I certainly did do. My aunt from NYC even came down to visit for a weekend. I hadn’t seen her in over 2 years, so I was thrilled to give her a giant hug.


Shortly after returning from the US, Victor and I were flying again, this time to Barcelona. We spent a long weekend there, enjoying much warmer weather than both Virginia and London. Highlights included walking along the beach, having churros and chocolate a la taza, and going out for calçots!



February was a crazy month simply because so much travel was coming up! Before jetsetting, Victor and I went with a friend to the Video Games exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I thought it was very interesting and creative. 


And so, the traveling began. I went on a work trip to Spain to see some new schools. My work colleagues and I travelled to Valencia and Madrid, and needless to say it was jam-packed with work.

I flew back to London on the evening of the 21st and then flew back out on the 22nd to Thailand! I’ll have to keep the details of that trip under wraps for just a little while longer, but it truly was an incredible experience.

Springtime is finally here! Let’s see what’s in store for me this season. 

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