The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Stars: Evenings in Copenhagen

This past January I had the great opportunity to visit Copenhagen with two friends from university. It also happened to turn out that two friends lived in Copenhagen, and another not too far. I don’t know about you, but I always find trips to be so much more rewarding when you have a local show you around. Having been my second time visiting Copenhagen, I was excited to fill in the gaps in my experience.

Copenhagen 7Copenhagen 6Our first day was filled with absolute havoc. We had arranged for us to borrow a bike from a friend of Shally’s, and then two bikes from a friend of mine. Getting to our accommodation, turns out we didn’t have access to wifi and so couldn’t communicate with anyone. But of course, everything turned out okay. We managed to get our bikes and away we went. We biked down from my friend’s place in Nørrebro, down to Strøget. The sun was beginning to set, and we managed to catch an amazing view of the Søerne. Søerne are the three rectangular lakes in Copenhagen.

We came across the market of Torvehallerne, selling all sorts of exotic spices, decadent chocolates, delicious food, and fresh produce.

Copenhagen 2Copenhagen 4Making our way to Strøget, we wandered around and finally found some dinner. All in all, not such a bad first day. I mean, considering that we went to bed around 2am, woke up at 5am, went through an airport and a flight, walked around all day, and the biked all night… you could say we were exhausted.

Copenhagen - Stroget Copenhagen 1Everyday we managed to have to bike quite a long ways in the dark, which at first was somewhat terrifying because we never really knew where we were going. However, the night eventually became a welcoming time of the day, when Copenhagen really showed its mysteries.

One such experience was at Papirøen (Paper Island), the hip pop-up of Copenhagen street food. A really awesome place to be, and a perfect last evening in this beautiful city, spent drinking, eating, and being merry.

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