Journey to the West: Exploring Mosteiros

Hi everyone! This post in continuation of my full coverage of my trip to the Açores, the group of Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic. Check out my other posts about the Açores here

On the far north west side of the island of São Miguel is the small town of Mosteiros. For my family of islanders, it is a little a bit of a trek to Mosteiros. However, whenever we feel like seeing a totally different landscape we venture out west. Even though Mosteiros is on the same island, this whole area feels totally different. 

Açores Mosteiros 6The town itself is quaint to say the least, much like other towns in the Açores. Such towns have a certain formula There’s a church, a town hall and a few cafes and restaurants here and there.

Açores Mosteiros 1 Açores Mosteiros 7However, the reason you come to Mosteiros is for the tidal pools. Bounded by rock structures forming natural pools, this area is absolutely stunning. The pools are crystal clear so you can see the entire ecosystem that is flourishing below you. I’ll be honest here and tell you I was a bit scared. I was afraid I would accidentally disturb the plants and creatures in the pools. Nonetheless, it is a cool experience.

Açores Mosteiros 2 Açores Mosteiros 8 Açores Mosteiros 4I can also tell you, as someone who has visited the São Miguel one month at a time and who has family there, the best polvo (octopus) on the island is in Mosteiros! The Açores has always had a deep love for seafood. Eating seafood or fish is a regular occurrence. Fisherman catch whatever is for dinner that very morning! The quality is like no where else on Earth. I miss the polvo and the potatoes so much already. A typical octopus dish is Polvo Guisado. It is served with delicious Azorean potatoes and it is to die for!

Açores Mosteiros 3Mosteiros is really a special place. Yes, people come by to enjoy the rocks and the pools but Mosteiros represents yet another destination that feels hidden. It feels like your own little secret. I cannot wait to return to my motherland.

Açores Mosteiros 5

If you like the looks of the wild waters of Mosteiros, then you should also explore the northern town of Ribeira Grande

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