Cuisine New York City

Restaurant Review: Hangawi

Location: New York City (Manhattan), New York

Cuisine: Korean/Vegetarian


NYC Hangawi 3
NYC Hangawi 2

As a special treat, Victor took me out to a beautiful, fancy, vegetarian/vegan Korean restaurant in Midtown Manhattan called Hangawi. I was born in South Korea, so Korean cuisine and culture has always been special to me. Victor loves Asian food, so this place was perfect! The ambiance is wonderful. You take off your shoes at the door, and sit in a sunken area. For an appetizer we ordered the combination pancakes which included pancakes of different types: leek, kimchi mushroom, and kabocha pumpkin with mung beans. They were delicious! I highly recommend these. For my main I got the vegetarian stone bowl rice, which comes steaming hot. What I loved about this place is that despite the cuisine being non-traditional Korean food without the meat and egg, they still kept it as traditional as possible. Everything felt very authentic, which I appreciated. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here, and we relaxed having some ginger tea the entire time.

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