Açores Cuisine

Restaurant Review: Saca-Rolhas Taberna

Location: Relva, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal

Cuisine: Azorean


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I swing from vegetarianism to pescatarianism in my food habits. And admittedly, my seafood and fish intake goes way up in the Açores. The food is just so darn good! I mean, I go right back to vegetarianism whenever I leave because the seafood everywhere else just doesn’t top Azorean deliciousness. 

If you want impressive, classic seafood and fish, look no further than Saca-Rolhas Taberna. The chef is really at the top of his trade and presents you with the catches of the day. We’re talking large fish! Once you’ve selected your fish the chef perfectly cleans it in front of you. This process in itself it incredibly impressive. The fish is fresh, and I’m told the meat is excellent as well. The restaurant is a bit pricey for Azorean standards, but the quality is off the charts.

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