What It Means to Be Local: Lunch at The Goods Shed

Location: Canterbury, England

Cuisine: British


Local Means Local

First and foremost, The Goods Shed prides itself in sourcing local products. In fact, the local products come from the farmers market under the same roof! The market has fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, cheese, wine, and bread. The ‘goods’ do not come from all over the place, but from Canterbury and the British Cottage countryside. Things are not just local. They are super local. On each table in the restaurants is a brochure explaining why local is great and how The Goods Shed arises to the occasion. 



To start we enjoyed some delicious bread. We also had some sardines with escalivada-type vegetables. Everything tastes so good. You can tell the produce is really high quality and there was a lot of care put into making these starters. Also, that butter for the bread is to die for. 

Main Course

To try the local produce I picked the Vegetable Platter on purpose. Sometimes, I think that vegetable-focused dishes really test a place out. They are the most simple ingredients, so you can only rely on the freshness of the produce and the technical skill of the chef. My platter was an array of seasonal vegetables as well as a poached egg on top. Everything was fresh and of such high quality. Yum yum. Never have I ever been so happy to eat vegetables. 

The setting and the food were both amazing. If you make your way to this side of England, do not miss out on The Goods Shed. It truly is a wonderful experience. 

Looking for more locally sourced produce on your plate? Why not try out the Pig & Butcher in London?

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