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KILN: A Tiny Thai Grill with Big Flavour

Location: London, England Cuisine: Thai   It’s about time I wrote about a Thai restaurant in London! I adore Thai cuisine — in fact, I have since I was a 12 year old middle schooler living in Bangkok. For me, Thai food will always…

Esters London
Cuisine London

Esters: London’s Experimental and Modern Brunch Spot

Location: Stoke Newington, Hackney, London, England Cuisine: Modern British   I’ve spoken before how I’m not a big fan of Italian food, but then discovered some amazing restaurants in Italy and London that changed my mind. I’m now a big fan, I promise! I…


7 Ways to Support Small Businesses (London Edition)

Well, originally this blog post was going to be titled “How to Support Small Businesses During a Lockdown”, but then I realised that some of these tips are still incredibly useful for small businesses even when there is not a global pandemic! Regardless, it…


Following The Clash into Camden

This post is part of my London Neighbourhood Guides series. Fancy visiting another area of London? Check out my other guides here, which all include information regarding the sights, history, charm, food and drinks of the area you’re curious about.  What does Camden mean…

Cuisine London

Going Retro and Italian at Osteria Wolf

UPDATE: Osteria Wolf stopped being a full restaurant service during the pandemic and then, post-pandemic, they focused solely on the catering side of their business. Unfortunately, in February 2023, they announced that they are selling the restaurant. Nonetheless, I’ll leave this review here, for…

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Homemade Italian Pasta at Lina Stores

Location: London, England Cuisine: Italian   Since my trip to Rome and Naples last year, I’ve been constantly seeking real, fresh, authentic Italian food. I wondered whether somewhere besides Italy could achieve this. After a ton of research, I found out that one of…

Cuisine London

The Best Sugary Treats in London

In our current world, in the face of flying social media, it is sometimes hard to figure out what is actually good! Instagram is the perfect medium to depict pretty much anything as glorious. I think we’re so caught up in getting that perfect…

Cuisine London

Brunchin’ and Munchin’ at Half Cup

Location: London, England Cuisine: Brunch   Every city I’ve ever lived in has had a special passion for brunch. But, the key is not to get distracted by instagram bait and overpriced dishes which are nothing more than mediocre. However, Half Cup in Kings…

Cuisine London

Bar Douro: A Portuguese Gem in London

Location: London, England Cuisine: Portuguese   Despite how I look, how I sound, and where I live, I am indeed 50% Portuguese. My mother became an American citizen when she married my very much American dad. Previously, she lived with her family on the…


The Ultimate Fitzrovia Pub Crawl

Everyday at about 5:00pm, the business men and women of central London can be found at their nearest pub. Pub culture is alive and well in London and so visitors want to get in on some of the fun. I always make a point…